Friday, October 1, 2010


Japanese noise artist Merzbow played a crowded room at the IHOP (International House of Philadelphia) earlier this week (Mon 9/27). He was accompanied by Hungarian drummer Balazs Pandi. This was such a mind-blowing experience that we decided it is worth a bit of dialog.

Pete: Holy crap! I just checked the internet and it said that 180 decibels is the point at which sound causes death of hearing tissue.. I am certain that Merzbow peaked at 179. I can't imagine being in the room without earplugs. Hell, it even hurt WITH earplugs at times! Amazing how something that isn't music -- it truly is noise -- can be so damned interesting.

Pete: I have to add... you had one of the best lines of the year after the show, Tom... what was it? Something like ""Is this what the end of the world sounds like? If it is, I want an encore!"

Tom: Merzbow - extreme audacity.  They had a giant box of free earplugs at the ticket office so you knew it was gonna be good.  Music meant to be felt!!.

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