Sunday, February 5, 2012

"Oh, the Audacity" - Thurston Moore and Mats Gustaffson

Tom: This sprung from our animated conversation on the streets of philadelphia after a show at the IHOP a few years back by Thurston Moore and Mats Gustaffson.  While I have no clue where we were, for some reason I have a very clear view of us walking the dirty sidewalk next to a giant concrete wall with nobody else around. We are walking, stopping, laughing, walking, stopping, walking... LAUGHING...our arms gesturing and lips spewing out: ...ha ha....can you believe what we just &**%i saw?  ...ha ha. ha....Mats and his black box and baritone and "Lovey" (Thurston the 3rd) on his guitar? ...ha ha... LOUD.  Who would play this as a show?  the audacity of these guys...  ha ha ha   And of course, me probably smacking Pete on the shoulder or chest like us Jersey guys do. ha ha

newtacity: What a great sounding word.  audacity.  Goes with the feel of veracity and velocity.  A few weeks back the word came around again in a waiting room with newt on the cover of newsweek magazine with the 100 point font "The Audacity of Newt".  But is there some veracity in the Newt's audacity? Or is it just pugnacity served up with opacity?

Mingus Mangus Mungus.  "On this (rehearsal ) version of  Meditations on Integration ... Worth pointing out is moment...where the 3 horns honk insistently in a wonderfully dissonant riff...a glorious section marked by a massive grin on Mingus's face as he revels in the sheer audacity and musical acumen of this ensemble."  Rob Bowman, professor of ethnomusicology, in liner notes of DVD  "Charles Mingus Live in 64"  Just checked out this DVD above from the local library.  Mingus, Eric Dolphy, Donnie Richmond, Jacki Byard, Johnny Coles, and Clifford Jordan in Sweden, Norway, and Belgium in 1964.  Some cuts are on online (see below), but looks like the youtube videos that refer to the above quote cutoff before showing that audacious piece.

Mingus quintet in Oslo, 1964.  Especially, check out  Ellingtons "Take the A Train" with Jaki Byard piano solo (47:04) and rag transition (47:43), Mingus diggin it, then Dolphy on baritone clarinet (49:34).  Sound quality okay but not great but ptl for European television having the vision to record this stuff!

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